Talking About the Weather at Brighton Fringe 2015

Our play attempts to use the format of romantic comedy to discuss a serious subject, the climate crises. We make no apology for this because we feel that future generations may well look at the current state of climate politics as the Great Human Comedy. There may well be a time when people will ask: Did some people really believe that a civilization based on burning increasing amounts of fossil fuels had a future?  Come on- they must have been joking!” As those who have been following the issue know, the bugging, hacking of research data, the misrepresentations, the junk science, even the shaming of experts based on their sexual conduct, are all the order of the day in climate politics. On the other hand the characters and situations presented in the play are imaginary and any resemblance to real persons and events is purely coincidental. We are confident that in our case too fiction and humour can be a servant of understanding. And that laughter can be the first step in changing the world.




Our diverse cast, shown here rehearsing for the 2015 production ”Talking About the Weather”, hails from six countries.

Welcome to the blog of Superior Anti-Theatre!

Superior Anti-Theatre is an amateur theatre group formed in 2011 in Canada and has since performed at many venues in that country as well as Finland and the UK. The current play premiered in Helsinki May 20, 2015. The Group gratefully acknowledges the support of 10 by 10 Theatre Festival in Canada in the development of the plays performed at Brighton Fringe 2015. Our ”anti-theatre” ideal is that performance experiences with great meaning and intensity can be created by bringing together persons from all walks of life with a few trained artists to give voice to stories of urgent collective concern. funnyone3 DaveKiersten